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March 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Smashing Magazine presents 50 incredible images of India.

Our government inches slowly toward reason over prejudice.

Has the fan finally splattered the fecal matter down in Old Mexico? Are we looking at the next Somalia?

Instead of protesting, the Tea Baggers should be freakin paying some attention to the world we actually live in. Zombies.

An NPR report on why MRIs in Japan are cheaper, seriously cheaper, than here. Dood, we gettin shafted.

Obama kicks random puppies in the head. Repeatedly. Also, Obama is the Antichrist. (But he’s not Jewish! Where is Jerry Falwell when you need him?)

Alice in Wonderland. It wasn’t acid, it was algebra.

What the hell is the ACLU up to now?

Forbes lists the 25 most influential liberals in media. I think Forbes might struggle a bit with how to identify these alien creatures.

Finally, I must ask: Why are you so terribly disapointing?


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