Oral sex goes viral.

January 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

via Marginal Revolution.

The 9,000-student K-8 district this week pulled all copies of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary after an Oak Meadows Elementary School parent complained about a child stumbling across definitions for “oral sex.”

As a father, I don’t look forward to explaining to my son every odd, profane, or disturbing issue that unexpectedly pops up. But that I may be uncomfortable, or less articulate than preferred in explaining such, is no argument for ignoring (or even hiding, as in this case) the odd, profane, or disturbing issues that are inherent in existence.

If a parent has a child old enough to “stumble across” the term “oral sex,” the child is old enough to be taught what the term means.

Indeed, I submit the images of suffering in Haiti are far more of a challenge to explain, much less to understand for a child, than a particularly pleasurable method of expressing affection for another human being. I wonder how the parent/parents in this case explained the poverty, suffering, the wailing and death, to their child.

At any rate, now that this outrage of sexual terms in a dictionary has been made public, and such is being reported in the local newspaper and has been picked up by the internets, I guess those mediums too must be completely sanitized and quarantined from little curious minds.

This is a failure of parenting, of a school board, and of a community. The dark ages aren’t over, folks.


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