Bush & Blair lied. People died. Move along.

January 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Not that this proves anything, wink wink, but the history books continue to write the story of Bush & Blair’s murder plot. Via Boing Boing via The Daily Mail, we learn the British just-a-system is ok with sanctioned deceit regarding the war crimes of Bush and Blair.

A 2003 BBC story cast doubt on claims that Iraq could deploy WMDs within 45 minutes. UN weapons inspector David Kelly, revealed as the source, died mysteriously shortly thereafter. It seemed that if foul play was involved, it was the extensive public hounding that led to his apparent suicide. By imposing a 70 year gag on evidence relating to his death, however, the British government perhaps reveals more than a state secret could ever hide.

Remember kids, when you help cover up criminal activity it is a crime. When the gov’ment does it, it is A-OK.


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