So easy even a caveman could do it.

January 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

There are 3 important notions that have been reinforced by the lastest terrorist attacks.  The first:  The government blows.  Big Time.  Check your scorecard and you’ll find an EPIC FAIL in the columns of homeland security, the CIA and other intelligence agencies, airport security, and a host of other tax-payer funded entities.  Seriously, we pay for this shit?

The 2nd, is that TV pundits are reactionary, corporate whores shamefully agitating us into more conflict both at home and abroad.  Again your scorecards will read that profiling would not have helped, he was not personally burdened by poverty and was, in fact, better educated than most human beings on the freakin’ planet. Plus, even 25% of Americans could tell you that Nigeria is decidedly not located in the middle east.  Yes, he was a muslim.  But simply relying on that as a discriminating factor will lead us to inefficiently targeting billions of Muslims looking for the .001% that seek to do us harm.  Niether efficient nor particularly worthy of an Eagle Scout badge in the morality & courage subsection of our handbook.

Third, and most important, is that when it is all boiled down, the headline is this:  primitive brain beats rational brain.  All of the counter-terrorists measures constructed and enacted by our government didn’t plan for it, nor the planning on the part of the crotch bomber and his accomplices see it coming.  What is it? It is fear.  Our strongest defense against terrorism is the least complex part of our brain, the part/function of our brain that we share with every brain-cladded creature inhabiting all of existence.

So, of course enjoy your chess game, your calculus class or even your evening snuggled up with Socrates, but only a fool scoffs at fear as an atavistic anvil hung around our civilized necks.  Quite simply, fear drives both demons and angels alike.


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