My mighty new Mac Mini

December 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

A few weeks ago I purchased my first Mac.  I custom ordered a Mac Mini online, upgrading just about everything I could so it would be future proofed for a couple of years.  My experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

Pros: The biggest pro for me was that it was set up for “normal” use, right out of the box.  Usually the first few days with a new computer are consumed by tending to all the operating issues like setting up preferences, tending to security fixes, downloading updates and removing or installing what I generally need (or attempting to).  There was simply very little of that with this Apple product.

Cons:  My issues had less to do with the Mini in general than it did with Apple’s iTunes.  I have a huge multi-media collection and figuring out how to get all of the items transferred legally to this machine was a pain.  The fix came in the form of setting up a network with my pc & authorizing my Mini and PC to share the damn “things” I purchased.  Easy enough, I guess, and less a knock on the Mini than it is on iTunes and DRM’d files.

I now have 3 boxes to choose from, a pc running Vista, a pc running Ubuntu, and a pretty little Mini running Snow Leopard.  For romantic reasons my first love is the box running Ubuntu, but the Mac running Snow Leopard is a more utilitarian, more “rational” choice. I will continue to improve my use and understanding of Linux, but from here on out, I am guessing that my $$ will go towards a Mac.  Undoubtedly though I can say screw Windows.


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