Did Joe Wilson sleep with a pig?

September 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

Oftentimes when I solely go with my gut, I often finding myself saying “Whoops! I need to rethink that.” Sometimes though my gut’s liberation is found wholly vindicated.

So, last night, some yahoo yelled out “you lie!” during Obama’s speech to congress. My instinct was that this was without peer and felt too incredibly unclassy to be a mere symptom of Tourette’s. It appears the yahoo in question, Joe Wilson (R), has some shady connections with “pro-white” (cough) and pro-confederate groups. Ahem.

So much for the “post-racist America” hype some have tried to sell. The frustrating part is that this man-who-(may)-sleep-with-swine is comfortably nestled in S. Carolina, where he is unlikely to face anything but faint damning and increased political donations. It is a damn shame and a blight on the folks that have elected him and probably continue to tirelessly work to see this swine adulterer back in orifice …I mean, office, for another term.  I guess we all get our kicks in different ways.

I got nothin left but cuss words at ths point.

BTW, I have no idea if Joe Wilson slept with swine. But it is certainly a wee bit odd that he won’t come out and forcefully, unequivocally deny the allegations.


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