Texas kills

September 4, 2009 § 2 Comments

Kotte.org asks: “Did Texas execute an innocent man?

Murder of innocent life is reprehensible, whether by an individual or by the State. In this particular case, there were multiple failures on multiple levels that further the argument that capital punishment should be abolished.


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§ 2 Responses to Texas kills

  • Fatbugzen says:

    I agree. In this story specifically, I think that it should trigger a mechinsm to crminally prosecute the “expert” arson investigators and pehaps even the DA himself. Then there is the whole issue of what to do about the parole, pardon, and clemency processes. Obviously they missed the point of their assigned duties (or worse, that absolutely acting within their guidelines).

    Pretty clear on one thing, I don’t want the state killing in my name.

  • Penny Skoglund says:

    I read the entire 17 page New Yorker article…very unsettling. Reconfirmed anti
    death penalty stand…between the Innocence Project and the what it costs to
    execute, let’s go to life terms without parole.

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