4 outta 5

August 15, 2009 § 1 Comment

Denial (disbelief):  check

Anger: check.  hell, check 2X.

Bargaining (& non-violent retribution): check.

Depression:  Not so much.  Surprising, given my history.

Acceptance:  check.  Today, I have spent most of the day either not thinking about it at all or spent some minor bit o’ time marinating in the soup of “so, what’s next?”

I may actually get out of this with more scars from the employment than from the unemployment.  Curious, George, wouldn’t you say?


§ One Response to 4 outta 5

  • Penny Skoglund says:

    Unemployment is not to be underestimated. The slow erosion (water again) of one’s self regard is insidious over time. Re-employment is carpricous…credentials, education, experience, maturity, and other qualities which might be valued in the workforce, suddenly become less important thant “fit”, probably “age”, and the real conundrum…being over qualified. Since we no longer see that situation where one gets a job and retires w/ a gold watch 45 years later, why does being over qualified matter? And how come qualities and experience don’t generalize…the employer always wants the person who was just in the job for two years(who knows the job completely)….not the person who wants to get the job and learn it…hey, the other guy left for a reason???

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